Equal Opportunities Officer and her deputies

The objectives of our work are

  • In consultation with the Institute leadership, to provide the necessary infrastructure to achieve our goal of equal opportunities 
  • To raise awareness amongst the Institute's staff of measures taken to ensure equality in the workplace
  • To involve the Institute's staff in the further development of a working culture towards equal opportunities
  • We aim to participate in a certification procedure in the near future

At the Georg Eckert Institute, equal opportunities and combining family and work are matters taken very seriously by the Institute's director. Men and women are represented almost equally in leadership posts at the GEI, and women form the majority amongst the Institute's PhD students. The GEI offers flexible working hours, ensures that as far as possible meetings do not take place in the evenings, and helps parents to find daycare facilities for children in Brunswick. Further measures towards equal opportunities are financed by an equal opportunities budget administered by the Equal Opportunities Officer. This can cover, for example:

  • Further training for work in equal opportunities,
  • Daycare emergencies,
  • Further training to improve career prospects,
  • Literature on the topic of equal opportunities,
  • Memberships in networks such as the Leibniz Association,
  • Lectures and workshops on the topic of equal opportunities.

More information

  • Most important links on equal opportunities and combining family and work [PDF]
  • Guidelines on gender-neutral language at GEI
  • Current equal opportunities legislation for the State of Lower Saxony [PDF]
  • The agreement from the German Joint Science Conference (GWK) regarding the equal status of men and women in joint research funding (AV-Glei) [PDF]


Equal Opportunities Officer

Barbara Christophe

Media | Transformation

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Katharina Baier

International Affairs / Academic management

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Maren Tribukait

Media | Transformation

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