Archive Guide to the Collections of Textbook Publishers in Germany and Great Britain

The DFG project ‘Knowledge about Africa’ is currently putting together a systematic list of information on the archive collections of textbook publishers and other producers of educational media in Germany and Great Britain. The guide will include information on the history of each publisher, an overview of the collections, information on accessibility and more.

The project comes as a reaction to increased interest in archive-based textbook research and hopes to make the collections of textbook publishers more visible. The current situation of archives in this area is extremely complex. Publishers are private companies that can decide for themselves if and how to establish archives. Many publishers do not maintain company archives at all, and archival contents are simply lost when publishers close their doors. Nevertheless, several comprehensive publisher collections can be found in state or municipal archives, commercial archives, or company archives. These collections offer rich material to explore many different topics related to publisher history and textbook production.

Above all, the archive guide aims to ease access to the existing material for researchers from many different academic fields, thereby enabling comparative research on the history of textbook publishers.

The archive guide – including a working paper – will be published on in late 2016.


  • Lars Müller: Schulbücher zwischen Verlagsarchiv und Erinnerungsort. Potentiale der Archivarbeit für die Schulbuchforschung, in S. Trültzsch-Wijnen, A. Barberi and T. Ballhausen (eds): Geschichte(n), Repräsentationen, Fiktionen – Medienarchive als Gedächtnis und Erinnerungsorte, (forthcoming).


  • DFG (as part of the ‘Knowledge about Africa’ project)


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