The Georg Eckert Institute conducts applied and multidisciplinary research into textbooks and educational media, informed primarily by history and cultural studies. It explores the production, content and appropriation of educational media in their socio-cultural, political, economic and historical contexts. The Institute also provides infrastructure services designed by and for researchers in cultural studies and humanities, information sciences, information technology and digital humanities.

Medium-term Research programme (2016 to 2022)

The GEI’s medium-term research programme, specified in the research guidelines for 2016 to 2022, addresses ‘Ideas of society and future expectations in the school context’. The focus is placed on the tension inherent in the education system between orientation towards the future and facing current social challenges. Research conducted at the GEI attempts to investigate the extent to which contingency for the future is taken into consideration in current social and (education) policy challenges.

Three primary concepts form the core of our current research programme, which runs until 2022, and will be critically reflected in our interdisciplinary focused research: globality, digitality and diversity.