Knowledge Organization and Information Retrieval

This research area explores the overall process of information retrieval and fundamental aspects of knowledge organization in the context of educational media research. Furthermore, the available open source tools are evaluated and adapted with regard to their usability for developing new concepts to make the data better accessible and tools more interoperable for interdisciplinary research. The focus is given on activities such as document descriptions, indices and classifications. These activities are performed by librarians, humanists, data scientist , and information technologist as well as by computer algorithms. Furthermore, the scope of this research area is to encrease the quality of the knowledge organization processes and its development used to organize documents, document representations and concepts to allow interoperability among our heterogeneous information systems. Therefore, the existing GEI data repositories are analysed and integrated using standardised interfaces. They are published according to FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) and are made available for being linked to other data repositories.