Information for prospective authors and book editors

Interested in publishing with us?

We welcome proposals for both single-authored and edited volumes that examine educational media in their cultural and socio-political contexts. If you are interested in publishing your manuscript with us, please contact the managing editor of the series at the GEI, Dr. Wendy Anne Kopisch [email:].

Proposal and Peer Review

The first step is to submit a proposal, using the Palgrave Macmillan proposal form, here []

Once your proposal has been submitted it will be given a desk review by the Georg Eckert Institute’s series editors and, if successful, will then be passed on to Palgrave Macmillan for external peer review. This process usually takes around 3 months. Successful manuscripts will then be commissioned, possibly with revisions, in collaboration with the GEI, and a deadline for the final submission will be agreed with you prior to contract.

Style Guide

Our series follows the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition. Either the author/date variant or the notes/bibliography version is fine, provided that the choice is consistent throughout the book. We recommend editors of edited volumes to decide on one of these variants and communicate it to the authors before they begin writing in order to avoid excessive and unnecessary editing at a later stage in the process. Here is a brief overview of the Chicago Manual of Style referencing conventions. [link]

Images and 3rd party material

Permissions must be obtained or clarified for all images and other 3rd party material well in advance of your manuscript submission. This means that written permission must be obtained for each photograph, illustration, diagram, graph or similar material that is not appearing in your book for the first time. Doing this too late can lead to severe delays in publication. For detailed information on Palgrave Macmillan’s permissions recommendations, see [here]

Please also refer to Palgrave Macmillan’s [Guidelines for Authors]