Schools in the Cloud: Research Accompanying the Introduction of the School Cloud

This project aims to draft a written concept for the pedagogically and didactically beneficial use of the School Cloud (Schul-Cloud) in the classroom. Drawing on the specialist knowledge of teachers and learners, we develop concrete best practice examples of how to implement available digital learning material in a fruitful way in different subject areas. The goal of the study is also to gather and process insights regarding lesson designs that use the School Cloud and digital media.

Building on our findings from classroom observations in selected STEM EC schools, we meet with teachers and students in their everyday environments to reflect upon their concrete experiences applying these technologies. Through this process we identify the challenges and opportunities connected with using the School Cloud and specific digital media in the classroom, as perceived by the users affected. In order to formulate a concept for positive use, we will work with these groups to think about how to overcome challenges and optimise the potential of these media. To this end we develop concrete examples in workshops with teachers and learners, which are then tested in the classroom under our observation and analysed for their ease of implementation.

We see our research as an inspiration and resource for decision-makers from politics, economics and educational practice who are interested in the future of digital teaching and learning.

Further information on the School Cloud and our accompanying research is available here