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  • Zwischentöne (Nuances): Fourth Erasmus+ project meeting at the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe

    The project team met for the fourth time on 17 and 18 April 2018 with the aim of developing their cross-border Erasmus+ project, which has the working title ‘Reflections’. The Georg Eckert Institute is contributing content and expertise from its zwischentö project, in order to enable the creation of a common, multi-lingual web platform for the European education sector. Read more


    Inaccurate or fragmented depictions of topics in textbooks can contribute to ethnic tension, discrimination against specific social groups and can even stoke violent extremism. UNESCO and the GEI have produced a guide outlining how subjects such as religion, gender and culture can be presented in textbooks in a manner that encourages mutual respect and promotes peace. Read more

  • International Georg Arnhold Summer School 2018

    This year's International Georg Arnhold Summer School on ‘Preventing Violent Extremism through Education: Challenges, Policies and Practices’ will take place from 23 to 27 July. International scholars and experts will explore and discuss the role of education in preventing violent extremism. The deadline for applications for those wanting to take part was 15 March. Read more

  • Closing Conference: The Dynamics of Knowledge

    On the 2 and 3 May the Federal Agency for Civic Education in Berlin will host the closing conference for the project ‘Migration and Education in Germany since 1945’. The event will principally explore the significance of migration processes on historic shifts in knowledge systems. Read more

  • Whither Equity in the '21st-Century School'? Critical Perspectives on Education and Technology

    On 15 April Dr.Felicitas Macgilchrist will take part in a symposium in the Hilton Midtown in New York at 10.35am. The symposium will critically examine the application possibilities for technology in the classroom. Read more

  • Textbook of the Year 2018

    On 20 February 2018 the prize winners for the ‘Textbook of the Year 2018’ were announced at the didacta trade fair in Hanover. The mBook Geschichte won the ‘Society’ category, first place in the ‘Languages’ category was awarded to Highlight 5 and matheWerkstatt 9 was the winner in the ‘Mathematics’ category. Read more

  • Constructions of European and National Identities in Educational Media (EurEd)

    The EurEd network will hold its kick-off workshop at the Georg Eckert Institute in Braunschweig on 6 and 7 April. The network will use innovative, interdisciplinary methods to examine the interconnections between language and national identities. Read more

  • Field research on Five Continents

    Researchers working on a multi-disciplinary project examining German schools abroad are currently collecting data in six schools in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America. Their initial observations of practises related to global citizenship, the use of digital media in classrooms and diversity from an international and comparative perspective can be read on the project blog. Read more

  • Call for Papers

    The Leibniz competition group ‘Migration and Education in Germany since 1945’ will hold its concluding conference on 2 & 3 May 2018 in Berlin, in partnership with the DHI Washington and the TU Dresden's Institute of History. The conference is titled ‘The Dynamics of Knowledge: historic perspectives on the relationship between knowledge and migration from the twentieth century until the present... Read more

  • Colloquium: Religion in School History Textbooks: An integrative approach to knowledge dissemination from the perspective of history didactics and the study of religion.

    At 3pm on 14 March the GEI colloquium will explore how the topic of ‘religion’ is addressed in history lessons and how the disciplines of religion and history can be combined in the classroom. Read more