Annual Theme 2021: #Achievement

Achievements are central to how modern societies view themselves and the individual and societal dimensions of those societies are continuously examined and reflected upon. Schools are entrusted with encouraging and assessing achievement and are therefore undoubtedly central institutions within achievement-oriented societies. Educational media (for schools) are intrinsically intertwined with achievement practices and discourses.

Annual Conference: ‘What are we doing in schools?’ Achievement and performance in education and educational media 

(Online/Braunschweig, 02-03 September 2021)

The GEI annual conference ‘What are we doing in schools? Achievement and performance in education and educational media’ followed existing paths of research on achievement as a scholastic concept and paradigm by questioning the role of schools in achievement-oriented societies from international and historical comparative perspectives. It also focused on the diverse roles of educational media within this framework – bringing together the different (trans)disciplinary perspectives on the wide-ranging dimensions of achievement and performance in education and educational media in schools.

Conference schedule [pdf] (in German)   Conference programme [pdf] (in German)

Link to recording of the podium discussions on 02 Sep. 2022: