Research tools

DiaCollo for GEI-Digital

This project uses the 2020 GEI-Digital corpus to allow analysis of 5,036 predominantly German-language historical textbooks through the corpus management software D* and diachronic collocation analysis using the DiaCollo Tool.

Edumeres Toolbox

The Educational Media Research Toolbox enables project-specific collocation, curation and analysis of corpora as well as assisting with collaborative work. A number of different GEI project teams have been developing the toolbox since 2018. In order to ensure data privacy and to personalise the service; it is necessary to create an account. Please contact edumerestoolbox(at)leibniz-gei.de for further information.


The digital tool SemKoS can be used to annotate textbooks content-wise. SemKoS users work directly on the digital image of the source, the digital copy. They link terms in the texts with corresponding representations in the Linked Open Data Cloud.

Welt der Kinder (Children and their World) Explorer

The research interface of the Children and their World project, which ran from 2014 to 2017, provides a wide range of filters and analytical functions for 3,803 historical German-language textbooks.


WorldViews is a multilingual, digital collection of source material, containing excerpts from textbooks on themes of interregional, transnational and global relevance. Worldviews provides the overarching framework for several collections containing textbook excerpts on a range of topics and was developed in the research project with the same title.