Consultation at the Georg Eckert Institute

As an academic institute we are committed to educating future generations to be open-minded, self-reflective, responsible and democratic. We therefore want to encourage dialogue and international understanding. In order to transfer the findings from our research into educational practice the Institute provides consultation services for policy makers and practitioners.

The GEI uses a range of consultation methods to address different target groups. The Institute, for example, produces expert reports and statements on current themes, ranging from the depiction of migration and Islam in textbooks to digital educational media.

Our consultation formats provide us with the opportunity to converse with political stakeholders and educational practitioners, to disseminate information about the work of the Institute and to offer subject-specific advice. Formats such as Leibniz in Bundestag and Leibniz im Landtag have enabled politicians to sit down with academics and scientists from the Leibniz Association. Similarly, Leibniz Association events such as ‘Book a Scientist’ have given members of the public the opportunity to discuss issues with academics and scientists.

Should you wish to speak with someone from the GEI, please get in touch and we will endeavour to provide you with the appropriate expertise. 



We provide media representatives with background knowledge and expertise in the socially relevant and topical fields that are of concern to the Georg Eckert Institute. We are happy to help journalists arrange an interview with one of our experts.