More than a textbook

Multimedia exhibition on the history of the Institute and the diversity of educational media

The Villa von Bülow fulfils an important function in the region and far beyond as a meeting point between academia and the general public. The exhibition area in the foyer takes visitors on a multimedia journey through the history of educational media and of the Institute, and provides an insight into the research work conducted by the GEI and the world of educational media for schools in general.

  • The interactive media wall

    This part of the exhibition provides a history of the Institute and its home, the Villa von Bülow, and the story of its founder, Georg Eckert. A particular highlight is the fascinating timeline illustrating the history of educational media since the stone age.

  • Multi-touch table

    Let your imagination run free with the multiple possibilities offered by this interactive table as you digitally design your own classroom.

  • VR Station

    Who hasn’t wanted to dive into another world? The VR headsets allow you to visit historic exhibitions or to playfully explore historical topics.

  • Temporary exhibitions

    The temporary exhibitions showcase work resulting from the Institute’s activities that has high social significance. The current
    presentation shows the work of the German-Polish Textbook Commission and the joint German-Polish textbook.

  • The interactive media tables

    Four media tables provide an insight into different aspects of the Institute. You can see and hear facts and figures about the GEI or take a virtual tour with members of staff. Alternatively, you can listen to people from all around the world talk on the subject of textbooks or you can learn about the incredible diversity of classrooms in different regions and cultures.

  • All information is available in German and English.
  • Summaries are available in Braille.
  • Each station has at least one set of headphones and the media wall has speakers providing an audio recording of the information.
  • The digital texts are available in two font sizes.

Opening hours

Every 1st Thursday of the month:
10 am - 4 pm

Enquiries about group tours outside these opening hours should be sent to: villa(at)

Directions: The Leibniz Institute for Educational Media can be reached from the Braunschweig main train station by taking the 411 bus (bus to ‘Lamme’ -disembark at ‘Maschstrasse’ bus stop). The ‘Radeklint’ bus and tram stop is also only a few minutes’ walk from the Institute.