Research Data

Research data forms the basis of modern academic work at the GEI, as at other institutions, and is vital for the validation of research findings. It is also essential for scientific progress and for the dissemination of scientific and academic knowledge. The GEI collates all digital and non-digital data that has been collected, generated and processed during research projects and academic working processes. This data is frequently specific to the individual discipline and managing it, in terms of archiving it according to best academic practice, publishing it or making it available for reuse, can often be a challenge for researchers. For this reason, we have created a central contact point for all questions related to research data management.

Funding organisations and academic journals are also increasingly making demands with regards to how research data is handled. The GEI supports the fulfilment of such requirements and the implementation of good data management by offering advice on the following topics:

  • Creating a data management plan
  • Support with data organisation
  • Publication of research data
  • Licence selection