GEI Annual Theme: #Trust

Can we (still) trust education in schools and educational media? Or have we blindly trusted them for too long already? And what does it actually mean to place our trust in these state-authorised media and agents? These are just some of the fundamental questions the GEI will be addressing in 2019/2020 in the context of its annual theme: #Trust.

Trust is an underlying requirement of human coexistence that helps us navigate our modern societies, shaped as they are by knowledge and information. Trust in school education is both essential and a fundamental challenge, particularly in the current climate where the media, politics, science, academia and institutions are suffering a loss of credibility that manifests itself in debates about ‘fake news’ or ‘fake science’. 

GEI Annual Conference: 'In Education We TRUST?'

(Online/Braunschweig, 10 December 2020)

The GEI’s annual conference, ‘In Education We TRUST?’, sought to further a relatively new debate within education research. Different (trans)disciplinary perspectives on the manifold dimensions of trust within school education and educational media were brought together in order to illuminate the varying meanings and potentially conflicting assessments of trust – such as, for example, ‘necessary trust’ or ‘blind trust’ – as well as its perceived contingency or absence.

Conference programme [pdf] (in German) | Conference schedule [pdf] (in German)

Link to the panel discussion on December 10, 2020: