Journal of Educational Media, Memory and Society (JEMMS)

TheJournal of Educational Media, Memory and Society (JEMMS) explores ways in which knowledge of past and present societies is constituted and conveyed via formal and informal educational media within and beyond schools. Its focus is on various types of texts and images found in textbooks, museums, memorials, films and digital media. Of particular interest are conceptions of time and space, image formation, forms of representation, as well as the construction of meaning and identity (ethnic, national, regional, religious, institutional and gendered). The contents of educational media may also be examined in relation to their production and appropriation in institutional, sociocultural, political, economic and historical contexts. The journal is international and interdisciplinary and welcomes empirically based contributions from the humanities and social sciences dealing with all aspects of educational media research, including STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as well as theoretical and methodological studies.

Information about subscriptions is available from the publisher. Authors are warmly invited to submit their manuscript to the editors via journal(at) Manuscripts are reviewed by the editorial committee and by anonymous peer reviewers. Please consult the guidelines for the submission of articles, the editorial guidelines (also available in French and in Spanish) and the guidelines how to write an article (also available in French, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish).

Articles may be consulted online.