Georg Arnhold Program

The Georg Arnhold Program aims to promote research into education for sustainable peace. Its focus lies particularly on educational media and curricula at secondary school level in both post-conflict and transitional societies. Western or Westernised democracies are, however not excluded, as they are challenged with developing new concepts for maintaining and stabilising social peace. The program responds to the increasing need for grassroots approaches that can be implemented over the long-term and adapted for individual regions in order to establish or strengthen a culture of peace and sustainable development – which are key challenges for present and future generations.

The American benefactor Henry H. Arnhold (1921-2018) instituted the program at the Georg Eckert Institute in 2013 to honor the legacy of his grandfather, Georg Arnhold (1859-1926) who was a German banker, patron of the arts and committed pacifist.

There are three components to the program:

  • Georg Arnhold Senior Fellowship

    The fellowship aims to promote education for sustainable peace with a particular focus on educational media and curricula at secondary school level in post-conflict or transitional societies. Its principal objectives are to bridge the gap between theory and practice, to foster international scholarly exchange as well as to translate research findings into practical recommendations for those active in conflict resolution, thereby contributing to civil society capacity building. The output from the fellowship holder’s work should therefore preferably be policy papers, educational materials, research papers, or a larger publication.

    The fellowship, which includes a research stay of up to six months at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg Eckert Institute (GEI) in Brunswick, Germany, offers outstanding and experienced individuals in the field the opportunity to focus on a research- or practice-related project in the area of education for sustainable peace, preferably with a focus on educational media, and to discuss their work with other scholars and practitioners within the GEI’s network.

    Applicants must demonstrate outstanding professional achievements in their field and have an excellent knowledge of English. 


    • a monthly stipend of up to 3,300 EUR for a fellowship period of up to six months, to include a longer stay (of at least 3 to six months) at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media ǀ GEI in Brunswick, Germany 
    • return economy airfare to Germany 
    • and support with administrative matters and publication work provided by the program coordinators


    The fellowship is oriented to individuals from the realms of academia, journalism, or persons with equivalent expertise, such as from extensive high-level international experience in government or non-governmental organizations or in international organizations. Distinguished scholars from the humanities, political and social sciences, education sciences or law may also apply. Applicants should demonstrate outstanding academic or professional achievements in their field and ideally combine scholarly excellence with hands-on practice and grassroots work. They should have at least five years of advanced professional experience in the area of peace education and demonstrate that their work and/or research projects have made an exceptional impact in the field of peace education. 


    • The Georg Arnhold Senior Fellow shall carry out work in the area of education for sustainable peace, preferably with a focus on educational media, curricula development and transformation societies. 
    • The Fellowship holder shall present their project at the GEI’s research colloquium and at the annual international Summer Conference of the Georg Arnhold Program.
    • The Fellowship requires a stay of three to six months at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media ǀ GEI in Brunswick, Germany. 
    • The findings/outcomes of the fellow’s project will be published no later than one year after the termination of the Fellowship. 
    • Candidates are responsible for obtaining a passport and any visa that might be required as well as for arranging their own health insurance for the duration of their stay in Germany.

    See the website of this year’s Georg Arnhold Senior Fellow

  • International Rescue Committe (IRC) Scholarships

    The Georg Eckert Institute has been working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC)  within the remit of the Georg Arnhold Program since 2020. The purpose of the collaboration is to promote research and activities on education for sustainable peace, to foster the international exchange of ideas, theories and methods in the field of peace education and between scholars and practitioners working in this field. By strengthening the connection between academia, practice and civil society this collaboration aims to facilitate research and enable relevant findings to be translated into practical recommendations and initiatives.

  • Georg Arnhold International Summer Conference

    The annual one-week Georg Arnhold International Summer Conference (GAISC) brings together experienced academics, junior researchers, and practitioners working in the field of peace education, enabling them to discuss current ideas, challenges and possible solutions in the field of education for sustainable peace. Part of the Summer Conference is a one-day workshop, organized and facilitated by the Airbel Impact Lab, the research and innovation arm of the IRC, which serves as a kick-off event for the IRC Fieldwork Scholarships.

The program aims to strengthen the link between academia and practice and to further international cooperation and the translation of relevant research findings into practical recommendations and initiatives.

The Academic Advisory Board supports the Georg Arnhold Program in a consultative capacity. The members of the board also select the next Senior Fellow at the annual meeting of the program. 

Previous Fellows of the program who are pursuing extended collaborations with colleagues at GEI and the Georg Arnhold Program have the opportunity to continue their work as Arnhold Associates.