Information Centre for Educational Media

The department is responsible for the research library and the information infrastructures that support the GEI’s research. It procures research sources for educational media and ensures their long-term availability. The Information Centre is also responsible for gradually making the unique international collection held by the research library available digitally. The work of digitisation focusses on digitising the historic collection of textbooks and curricula and enabling access to current digital educational media. Academic literature is also made available, where possible in the form of electronic books and journals and open access publications. The department is, furthermore, accelerating the development of the Global Textbook Resource Center (GLOTREC), which provides a central digital infrastructure to standardise and continually expand access to educational media collections scattered around the world. The staff in the department pool their expertise with that of the IT-services team to implement and coordinate the GEI’s web infrastructure services.

  • Research Infrastructure/Transfer

    The department provides unique information infrastructures for researchers working with educational media; ensuring the long-term and sustainable maintenance of those infrastructures and their continual development. At the heart of these services are the constantly evolving and improving GLOTREC infrastructures that enable central access to educational media collections around the world, where possible in digital form and as fully searchable texts. In terms of transfer activities the department guides researchers through the library collection, provides expert advice and consultation, and regularly organises events for the general public.



Lara de la Porte
Fabian Dombrowski
Magdalena Jagelke
Tabea Jüschke
Niels Kolle
Reyhan Kolosoglu
Lucas Yannic Lühr
Maren Lunkewitz
Daniel Mann
Franz Richter
Sergio Rodriguez Müller
Kerstin Schattenberg
Funda Solaker
Michaela Wetzel
Viviane Wilde