Welcome to the Global Textbook Resource Center (GLOTREC)

The GEI has developed GLOTREC to be a unique information infrastructure for global research that studies or uses educational media. At its heart are multi-lingual, digital research services that are continually being expanded and which will ultimately combine both the content and functionality of existing digital services offered by the GEI – such as the Curricula Workstation (CW), GEI-Digital and the International TextbookCat (ITBC). The research services offered through GLOTREC|Cat currently provide access, from any location, to over 280,000 examples of educational media for schools as well as freely accessible digitised material and full-texts from collections located around the globe.

Within the framework of GLOTREC, the unique collections held by the research library are also being digitised in stages and secured for posterity as cultural heritage. The GLOTREC|Cat enables access to those GEI collections that have already been digitised and also provides open access to current digital educational media in compliance with the relevant property rights. Digitised, licence-free educational media held by our international GLOTREC partners are also being integrated into the service and made available. This will create an extensive, freely accessible digital library, offering high-quality, international data sets. Such source material is valuable for the (digital) humanities and cultural sciences, for social and information studies as well as information technology and computer linguistics.

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  • Kerstin Schwedes | Head
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Research Services

The GLOTREC project has expanded the International TextbookCat (ITBC) to create the GLOTREC|Cat: this multi-lingual catalogue will be continually developed and will offer users multi-lingual search options that are specially adapted for educational media research.  These enhancements will mean that researchers will have daily updated access to the collections held by the GEI and its partner institutions. The GLOTREC|Cat will also provide access to data and content from other GEI services such as the Curricula Workstation and GEI-Digital. Interfaces between services will allow results from searches in GLOTREC|Cat to be saved, shared with other researchers around the world and exported, for further processing with other digital tools for example.

All GLOTREC research services can be accessed below.

Research Services

Research and Digitisation

GLOTREC aims to secure educational media for schools as elements of cultural heritage and to make them available for research. Together with our cooperation partners we are identifying relevant, digitised educational media collections in order to incorporate them into the GLOTREC|Cat. In addition, we are also initiating the quality-assured, local digitisation of suitable collections held by our international GLOTREC partners, at the same time as systematically digitising the GEI collection. The digitised images and machine-readable full-texts will be made available in open access format at a later stage of the GLOTREC research services project.

Existing output and products resulting from the GLOTREC research projects conducted by the GEI and its partners are listed on the page linked below.

Research and Digitisation

Networks and Activities

GLOTREC links the expertise at the GEI with that of international libraries and research institutes. The resulting network comprises proven experts that represent a range of different academic disciplines in the field of educational media research. Through the use of GLOTREC research services they are able to collaboratively test transdisciplinary and transnational research designs. Findings from these projects have already been presented to the global research community at international conferences and workshops.

Information on the cooperating institutions and the network’s academic activities can be found on the page linked below.

Networks and Activities