Eckert. Expertise

The Institute’s series 'Eckert. Expertise', published by V&R unipress, is aimed particularly at educational practitioners such as teachers and education policymakers and an interested wider public. The series was initiated for the purpose of creating a smaller-scale format for the presentation of practically relevant research findings from the Institute’s projects, in which we engage with specific social issues and whose findings frequently serve as bases and starting points for further research. The 'Eckert. Expertise' series acts as a forum for the presentation, documentation and discussion of studies on current topics in societal and educational discourse. The format might be best described as revolving around the principles of current relevance, research orientation and connectedness to practice.

Further Information

The volumes are available digitally and free of charge as full-texts in Open Access formats. They can be accessed from the Institute's OPAC by entering 'Eckert. Expertise' as a search term.

Please contact us at publikationen(at) for more information.