Training provided by the GEI

The GEI provides workshops and seminars for training purposes that aim to bring findings from research conducted by the Institute into educational practice. You can find many more interesting options in the information on ‘The Basement’ and under ‘Events’.

  • Zwischentöne (Nuances)

    Within the framework of the platform ‘Zwischentöne (Nuances) – Teaching Materials for classroom diversity’ the Georg Eckert Institute provides training for teachers and incorporates the content and methodologies developed through the project into innovative teaching materials. The instructive materials are designed for history, politics and ethics/religious education at secondary level, from year 8 and up, and encourage constructive discussions about numerous aspects of cultural and religious diversity. We offer teacher training sessions on three main themes:

    1. Introduction to diversity education, textbook research and selected key topics

    2. Presentation of Zwischentöne teaching modules and multimedia instructional material.

    3. Analysis and discussion of the materials and/or the conceptual design of a multi-perspective lesson plan

    All available dates and contact details can be found under zwischentö

  • Europe – Our History

    The Institutions involved in the German-Polish Joint History Textbook organise a range of events in different formats. These may concern the use of the textbook in lessons or recommendations for cross-border cooperation. The following workshops and presentations are currently offered:

    • Transnational history teaching: Potential of the textbook ‘Europe – Our History’ to create a sense of European awareness.
    • German-Polish relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: Material on Polish history in the series ‘Europe – Our History’ and possibilities for implementation during A Level courses.
    • New content, new didactic methods? Transnational history teaching based on the example of the joint German-Polish textbook ‘Europe – Our History’.

    An up-to-date list of events can be found on the project website.

    If you are interested in a particular topic or in a workshop at our institution, please get in touch.

  • Tours of the Georg Eckert Research Library

    The research library at the GEI is an internationally unique research library specialising in comparative textbook and educational media research. It contains the world’s most comprehensive collection of textbooks, from 175 countries. The library’s collection corresponds with the research focus of the Institute and spans textbooks for history, social studies/politics, geography and ethics/religion and the corresponding curricula, as well as German-language reading books, and primers from around the world.

    Tours of the library are possible for groups and for school classes: please contact us at if you are interested in arranging a tour.