Studies from the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media

The Leibniz Institute for Educational Media’s book series 'Bildungsmedienforschung' presents monographs and edited volumes on educational media research in German and English. It is one of the few book series globally to focus specifically on educational media research, providing a forum for research findings in their sociocultural context from systematic, historical and comparative perspectives. It concentrates particularly on patterns of memory, models for identification, and interpretive codes that are construed, conveyed or reinforced through educational media, as well as on differences in perception, tensions and conflicts that these media reflect or inflame. 

The series addresses various disciplines in the humanities and cultural and social sciences. Discourse, text and content analysis approaches are as welcome as theoretical discussions and empirical studies on the location and impact of educational media in specific societal contexts.

'Bildungsmedienforschung', published by V&R unipress and previously named 'Eckert. Die Schriftenreihe' (2009-2021), is a continuation of the 'Studien zur internationalen Schulbuchforschung' series. The current issue appears in print as well as online as an Open Access publication under the creative commons license. 'Bildungsmedienforschung' is double-blind peer reviewed.


Eckert. Die Schriftenreihe

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