Eckert. Dossiers

Roland Bernhard, Susanne Grindel, Felix Hinz and Christoph Kühberger (eds.). Myths in German-language Textbooks: Their Influence on Historical Accounts from the Battle of Marathon to the Élysée Treaty.

Eckert. Dossiers 4 (2019). urn:nbn:de:0220- 2019-0040.

This volume investigates the shape and functions of European and national myths in German-language textbooks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – from the Battle of Salamis to Behaim’s globe to the Elysée Treaty. It considers different approaches to the notion of ‘myth’ in cultural studies and history didactics, as well as the impetuses these approaches produce. The difficulties of deconstructing popular historical myths are as central to this discussion as the needs to perpetuate tradition and the patterns of interpretation that these myths serve. Finally, the authors look at ways in which studying myths can lead to new perspectives on developing critical historical consciousness in the classroom.

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