Palgrave Studies in Educational Media

In 2018 the GEI launched its new book series, Palgrave Studies in Educational Media, with the prestigious publishing house Palgrave Macmillan, London. The series aims to explore textbooks and other educational media as sites of cultural contestation and socio-political forces. Drawing on local and global perspectives, and attending to the digital, non-digital and post-digital, the series explores how these media are entangled with broader continuities and changes in today’s society, with how media and media practices play a role in shaping identifications, subjectivations, inclusions and exclusions, economies and global political projects. The series offers a dedicated space in which to bring together research from across the academic disciplines. It provides a valuable and accessible resource for researchers, students, teachers, teacher trainers, textbook authors and educational media designers interested in critical and contextualising approaches to the media used in education.

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We welcome proposals for both single-authored and edited volumes that examine educational media in their cultural and socio-political contexts. If you are interested in publishing your manuscript with us, please contact Dr. Wendy Anne Kopisch

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