VOLUME 13 (2021), ISSUE 2

From Temporary Migrants to National Inclusion? The Journey from Finnish Labor Migrants to a National Minority, Visualized by Swedish Textbooks from 1954 to 2016, Lina Spjut

Ein Opfernarrativ macht Schule? Die foibe-Massaker in italienischen Geschichtsschulbüchern seit 2004, Nils Jochum

German Colonial Rule in Present-day Namibia: The Struggle for Discursive Shifts in History Education, Patrick Mielke

The “Imagined Other”: A Political Contextual Analysis of Secular and Hindu Nationalisms in Indian History Textbooks, Deepa Nair

Empowering Critical Memory Consciousness in Education: The Example of 22 July 2011 in Norway, Alexandre Dessingué and Ketil Knutsen

Web-documentary Participation as a Basis for Intercultural and Social Engagement and Second Language Acquisition, Isabel Rivero-Vilá

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