VOLUME 14 (2022), ISSUE 1: Places of Progress? Technology Museums as Contested Sites of Memory and Education

Christian Kehrt and Daniel Brandau, Introduction

Norman Aselmeyer, Ruin of Empire. The Uganda Railway and Memory Work in Kenya

Stephan Jaeger, Ambiguous Narratives of World War Technologies in Contemporary Military History Museums

Lise Camilla Ruud and Erik Thorstensen, ‘We Must All Be Ready for Major Changes’. Visiting Climate for Change at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Michael J. Neufeld, The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum and ‘The Romance of Technological Progress’

Daniel Brandau, Peenemünde Contested. Remembering Second World War Technologies in Rural East Germany from 1984 to 1992

Marcus Meyer, When Fascination Obscures Fate. Narratives of Technology vs Forced Labor at the Bunker ‘Valentin’

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